How to create the trendy maximalist home of your dreams in 2022

Kelsey Chapman
Wednesday 12 January 2022 19:11
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The main driving force behind many trends today, TikTok, has another emerging pattern in home interior for 2022: Maximalism.

Defined as “an aesthetic of excess,” maximalism is often a reaction to minimalism, the long-reigning design approach that’s had a chokehold on beige-loving millennials for years. It can be kitschy, colorful, cluttered, esoteric, or any number of descriptives, but maximalism is mainly reliant on an abundance of “things” and – most importantly – having fun. That’ something we can all use as we head into year three of the big C.

Interior design expert and Co-Founder of CARME Home (one of many brands featured below) Marc Epstein give this advice on achieving maximalist perfection:

“The way to pull off maximalism is to keep your decor from looking too random. Try to find a few common colours or patterns to repeat through the room. For example, if you opt for a bright pink velvet stool, try to include another pink velvet item in the room such as a cushion or lamp shade. Similarly, if you go for a cow print rug, include a small item with cow print as well, perhaps a coaster or vase.”

Marc also explains that “underlying consistency” and “opening up your space” are two big factors to consider when maxing out. Some ways to achieve these goals include curating meaningful collections to display all together and adding big mirrors to bring light into your home.

For example: Do you like to bring home souvenir shot glasses from your travels? Arrange them artfully on a shelf to show a road map of where you’ve been. Have you been to a local antique store recently and seen a Baroque-inspired mirror on the cheap? Bring it home and mount it as the centerpiece to a gallery wall in your living room.

Chances are you already have plenty of objects that, with the right touch, can help you achieve your maximalist interior design dreams. If not, we first suggest hitting some resell sites like Chairish, 1st Dibs, and eBay to seek out vintage pieces with character and a back story that align with your interests to tell a story about who you are and what you want to say. Our current fixations when searching eBay include Mid-century Modern kitschy decor and vintage Chalkware wall plaques, but a little research and you’ll surely find your own fun favorites.

In addition, it’s also nice to keep a few fresh, new items on display to unify the aesthetic and keep the look modern. Below you’ll find several of our favorite ways to kick off a whole new mood in your home with everything from a frog butler statue for holding your pre-dinner cocktails to a fabulous pink velvet vanity that begs you to linger as your prepare for the day. Keep reading to spark your inspiration.

Unicorn Dips His Horn Tapestry

You might recognize this as a reimagined version of one of the grand tapestries on display at The Met Cloisters museum in New York City, but now you can have a similarly spectacular piece in your own home!

Maximalism is all about creating interesting, eclectic scenes that spark conversation and bring a sense of wonder to your home. Wall art like this achieves it through calling back to the original, as well as telling a story in the intricate scene played out brilliantly in the hand-finished scene where the star mythical creature dips his horn into the stream of a magic fountain. It’s surreal and whimsical, and it will act as the perfect centerpiece to your growing gallery wall.

Glass Heart Decanters | Red

It’s hard to be a maximalist without a strong sense of romanticism, and these heart decanters display that with a handcrafted delicacy that looks and feels expensive. They come in three sizes and can hold anything from your fanciest beverage to a single rose.

These decanters also bring to mind a favorite movie ours, The Love Witch. Watch it now on Amazon Prime for decorating inspiration beyond your wildest dreams!

Lana Sheepskin Throw

It works well in a minimal, stark environment, but Article’s Lana throw is also perfectly equipped to add rich texture to the curated chaos of a maximalist design landscape. Toss over a lush armchair, put down as a rug, or simply swaddle yourself in the rich, ethically sourced material for the ultimate plush treat.

Brass Art Deco Peacock Table Lamp Base

One of maximalism’s greatest strengths is how it can convey the bold confidence ofits curator, so go fully on-the-nose with a brass peacock lamp like this one from World Market.

Pastel Paradise Flamingo Pink Velvet Dressing Table with LED Touch Sensor Mirror

Pink, girly, velvet, and dripping with goldtone detailing–it’s the perfect compact vanity to dress up any small space. We’re especially fond of the ample drawer storage and marble effect top, but the real star is the bow-shaped chair back that lets you feel like you’re giving yourself the gift of sanctuary every time you sit down to put on your makeup.

We’re equally enamored with Carme Home’s Raspberry Dressing Table, as well as their selection of Hollywood mirrors. Click through to see what else the UK-based company has to offer!

Glam Royal Blue Velvet Fabric Upholstered Sofa

Clean lines and luxurious detailing are the way to go with furniture when you’re planning to add plenty of fun decor pieces to go with it. This couch gives old-school glamour and room to stretch out, plus it has the same plush feeling we loved about the curtains above.

Fergal the Frog Butler

Throw everyone for a serious loop when you put this dapper guy on display to hold drinks, snacks, candles, and anything else you might want to keep handy. His checkerboard suit and stern expression give him a serious tone that only highlights the hilarity of having a frog butler in your home.

Throw something totally unexpected into the mix with this hilarious (and precious!) lobster pillow from L.L. Bean. It’s a nonsequitur piece of decor that will have guests scratching their heads for a moment before asking for the link to buy so they can bring that goofy joy into their own home.

Roslynwood Velvet Curtain Panels

Curtains are the eyelashes of a room, so give yours a lush upgrade with thick, pink velvet curtains that drape beautifully and block out as much light, heat, and cold you want. Despite their rich appearance, they are also quite sturdy and easily machine-washed!

Danya B. Strong Hands Bookend Set in Gold

It’s all about the conversation-starting details, and these have that spark in spades. Prop them up on either side of a neat row of interesting books to organize your shelves with a dose of surreal glamour.

Wetherell 33'' Wide Tufted Swivel Papasan Chair

The Papasan chair is all grown up but still has youthful charm to spare with this Wetherell model from Wayfair. Choose from a broad selection of colors to best fit your motif and get ready to relax in the oversized lounger with a great book and a cup of tea.

Lavish Ornate Gold Iron Square Etagere 4 Shelf Freestanding Book

Whether it’s books, knickknacks, or other accouterments you’ve collected throughout the years, this ornate corner shelf is the perfect spot to display them with pride. The lavish detailing makes it a gorgeous display piece all on its own, so imagine how it will look adorned with your precious belongings!


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